●      Hexagonal Based Architecture for Ultimate Strength – Majority of the treestands on the market use square or round tubing – our stand was engineered specifically to use hexagon tubing so that it’s just as strong as our hunters are.

●      Powder coat frame finish with optional customization – Bedlinner overlay for ultimate concealment – at Hang10 innovation is our game.

●      Dual Anchor System – Again, safety is huge. FOUR points of contact versus just TWO. That is 100% more touch. The treestand will NOT pivot if you decide to step out to the side of the stand. Not to mention, talk about grabbing into a tree…

●      Adjustable Flex Seat – Comfort is a must. To stay still and reduce noise, you have to be comfortable. The adjustable seat allows the hunter to adjust to their ideal length of the seat from front to back and it can also be moved completely out of the way for climbing mode. The mesh is not only water resistant, but it allows the seat to breathe. We’ve also created a mesh foam seat. This only increases the comfort level and quietness.

●     Integrated Lumbar Back – Built into the architecture so your back doesn’t hit the back bar. You will be able to sit in the stand for long periods of time, with no problem. No longer do you need to fight your seat with your knees as you climb!

●      Flat Back Triangular Cable – Triangular steel cable. It doesn’t sag or flex to where it’s getting hung up on the bark or branches. It is engineered specifically for ultimate strength and safety.

●      One Side Cable Pin Adjustability – There’s one sided adjustment on this stand. No more worrying about the balancing act trying to get your climber onto the tree. Press the stand against your tree of choice and lock it in on the one side and you’re ready to go.

●      Customization – Yeah, that’s right… you want a unique stand on the market? You got it. College colors, multiple colors, custom lumbar backs – we do it all! You can customize your stand so that it not only fits your functionality needs, but also your personality.

●      Light weight – Isn’t a huge purpose of a portable treestand to be light enough for travel? The stand only weighs 21 lbs. with a foot rest attached.

●      Size – The industry standard is about 21” w x 34”L. Our platform is for all hunters coming in at 24”w x 34” L. Our seat is actually 22” x 14” and the standard is 18” x 14”. We went above and beyond to make sure everyone had enough room to move, be quiet, comfortable, and safe.

●      Capacity – We had this baby tested and rated at 350 lbs. with a double safety factor included!

●      Competitively priced – Even though we are 100% made in the usa, we have made sure that our stand is affordable. Hang10 Treestands Retail right above $300 and even lower at shows.

●      100% American Made – We saved the best for last…. From the bolts down to the welding is American made. We’re putting our foot down and bringing business back to where it should be – HOME. Unfortunately, we all have to spend a little extra money to do that, but that’s what it’s going to take. Join us in this movement and stand proud with a quality USA made product.

Be American. Buy American.