What American Made means to Hang10 Treestands

What American Made means to Hang10 Treestands

Our country was founded through hard work, relentless determination, and the pursuit of happiness. Over the decades, we have witnessed that foundation beginning to fade. When we started this company, we were adamant about three things: upholding family values, giving back to the community, and keeping our product manufacturing in the United States. Too many companies fold to the pressures of moving their businesses overseas because they feel they have no choice. We continue to hear “Good luck with that” or “It won’t be long before you have to” or “It’s almost impossible to stay here and be successful” or “ You can manufacture overseas, assemble in the US and still use “Made in the USA”. Let us make something very clear: the men and women of this country work and fight too hard for us to pinch pennies overseas. Enough is enough. There is no better time than right now to put our foot down and reclaim America’s livelihood.

Our family values are founded on honesty and integrity. We truly believe that without those values, we have nothing. Growing up in the South and in a God-fearing household, we were instilled at a young age to always say yes sir and no ma’am, respect our elders, and you better believe that when we hear the Star Spangled Banner, we look to the Red, White, and Blue waving high – hats off and hands held proudly against our chest.

We are in the treestand business because we love to hunt. We love waking up on an early fall morning, brew fresh coffee, and head out to our stands in the hope of that morning being the morning that we tell our grandkids about for the rest of our lives. It’s a tradition, a passion, and a true love that runs through our veins. We are building our treestands in the USA so you can hunt with the same confidence, integrity, and craftsmanship that we put into every stand.

Get ready to Claim Your Trophy with us, at home. Help support our amazing country by supporting a company that refuses to leave for an extra dollar. This is our country, our freedom, and ours for the taking. We will always give you our best. All we ask for in return is for a love of the outdoors and your continued support of American made products.

God Bless the USA!!!